Car Scratch Repair in Sydney

car scratchesOne unique attribute about Sydney? We love our cars. Whether you reside north of the harbour in Milsons Point, the inner city boroughs of Marrickville and Leichhardt, the coastline communities of Coogee and Cronulla or suburban enclaves such as Penrith, Liverpool and Camden, the expanse of our city means driving is often the easiest way to get around.

But with all that driving – accidents happen. Car scratches, scrapes and dents are common occurrences. In fact, look down your street now, you’ll probably spot a few yourself!

When disaster strikes, you need the best car scratch and bumper repair Sydney has to offer. So what should you be looking for?

Find a repairer that suits your needs

When you’re looking for a repair service, you want one that can fix all of your car’s woes in one go. Luckily Bumpertek is an expert in a raft of areas including:

1.Scratch repair: If you’ve got a scratch or minor paint fade, a Bumpertek professional can repair the damage with expert colour matching, ensuring the scratch is completely invisible. While it may not seem like a urgent part of your to-do list, scratches can harm your car’s finish as rust can develop.

  1. Dent repair: Smaller dents left from a rouge shopping trolley or storm damage might seem like a lot of work, but it’s easily fixed by a Bumpertek repairer. We’re able to fix the dent quickly and professionally, leaving your car as good as new
  2. Mag wheel repair: Street parking is inevitable in Sydney and, all too often, a misjudged kerbside park will leave damage on your mag or alloy wheels. Luckily, these can be easily fixed with the right repair service.

Get the right cost

Too often, we hear from customers who have delayed their car scratch or bumper repair because they’re worried about cost. They assume the mark, scratch or dent on their vehicle will be overly expensive and, given their car is still in working order, they think: what’s the rush?

Little do they realise, there are providers who can tend to their cars without it costing the earth. In fact, a Bumpertek repair is not only affordable, it often adds value to a damaged vehicle!

Opt for convenience

Sydney is a city on the go so it’s little wonder most of our customers are looking for convenience. If your time is valuable, you probably don’t have the luxury of going weeks without your car while it sits in at smash repairer or panel beater shop waiting to be fixed.

It’s why Bumpertek is the choice for Sydney-siders with busy lives. As a mobile car scratch and bumper repair service we come to you! Not only can you get your car fixed from your home or office, we’re able to work around your schedule to find a time that is suitable. It means more time back in your day.

So if you need the best car scratch or bumper repair service in Sydney, look no further than Bumpertek. Contact us today to arrange your obligation-free inspection and quote.

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